Crystal is a go-getter.

"Crystal came into our program at the end of February," says job development specialist Julie VanWert. "She did the intake, which usually takes about two weeks. The third week when we started filling out applications, she attended three interviews in five days."

After being in our program for a month, Crystal got a job as a crossing guard. But she's also looking for more work, saving about 30 jobs a week as she scrolls through Indeed. Julie helps her fill our application to apply for those.

"It feels great to be back working," she says. "I love being outdoors and helping the kids cross the street."

Crystal also has experience working in retail stores, processing and packaging, and volunteering at community events.

I asked her how to be a good employee.

"You've gotta be there on time, and even if you're having a rough day, you have to have a smile on your face," she says.

Phil Eich