A few years ago, Ashley came in for a gallery walk and said, "Hey, I've got a couple Spongebobs I made that I'd like to show in the gallery. I don't want to sell them, I just want to show them and have my friends be able to come in and see them." That sounded like a great plan to us. 

After a few months of Ashley showing her work in the gallery, we asked her if she'd like to become part of the program. She did, and for someone to become part of the program there are a lot of steps involved - caseworkers need to talk to us, they need to make a referral to our providers, etc. 

Ashley called us a few weeks later asking to see if we had gotten her paperwork to become officially part of the program...but we hadn't. 

A few days later she showed up ready to create some art, our instructors assumed her paperwork went through, and we have a great day. 

At the time, we were providing transportation at the end of the day for our artists, and Ashley was getting on the bus to go home. 

"Your name isn't on my list," the driver said. 

"I know," said Ashley. "I just got tired of waiting." 


Her paperwork came through shortly after.

Phil Eich