Employment Service


Employment Services PhotoDo-All Inc.’s Employment Services team is dedicated to assisting businesses in their effort to ensure a diverse workplace.  We work with individuals with disabilities to assess their talents, skills and abilities, and then match them with employer’s hiring needs.

Individual placement and supported employment are services that assist an individual to get, learn and keep a paid job/career in a community work setting where most of their co-workers are persons without disabilities. Paid work may be full time or part time.

Supported self-employment is small business development and ownership that is nurtured from its “dream” stage to fruition by a support team.

On the job evaluation services are tailored to meet the consumer’s need, and are consistent with the Individual Plan for Employment. These services can be provided within our facility or out in the community.

Did you Know?

  • People with disabilities have the highest unemployment rate of any group of U.S. citizens.*
  • Only 22.3% of people with disabilities are working, compared to 70.1% of their non-disabled peers.*
  • 3 in 10 workers entering the workforce will become disabled before retirement.**
  • In the last 10 minutes, 498 Americans became disabled.***
  • The average yearly wage for workers with disabilities is more than $10,000 less than the average American worker.*
  • There are tax incentives of up to $2,400 per individual hire, and up to $15,000 to make your business accessible for workers and customers with disabilities.*

Office of Disability Employment, Department of Labor-May 2010; **Social Security Administration-2007; ***National Safety Council-2008

Top 10 Reasons to Hire People with Disabilities:

  • Employees with disabilities can ease concerns about labor supply.
  • People with disabilities have equal or higher job performance ratings, higher retention rates and lower absenteeism.
  • Employees with disabilities can relate better to customers with disabilities, who represent $1 trillion in annual aggregate consumer spending.
  • Diverse work groups can create better solutions to business challenges.
  • People with disabilities are better educated than ever, and are proven to have met and/or exceed challenges.
  • A person with a disability motivates work groups and increases productivity.
  • Companies that hire and accommodate people with disabilities in their workplaces can receive tax benefits.
  • Employing people with disabilities is good for the individual, the business and society.  This is a “win-win” strategy.
  • People with disabilities are motivated by the desire to give something back, and opportunities for personal growth, job flexibility, and social inclusion.
  • It’s ability, not disability that counts.

Do-All Inc., Employment Services Provides:

  • Direct Placement- Tailored to individuals who may require assistance in contacting employers, job seeking skills, interviewing, filling out applications and follow up after the interview.
  • Supported Employment- Specifically for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  The services range from assistance in getting the job, job coaching, transportation, and follow along services.
  • Job Coaching- Provided on an as needed basis for individuals who need additional training to learn and keep the job.  A job coach assists the individual to learn specific duties required by the employer.
  • On-the-Job-Evaluation-An evaluation of the individual’s strengths and areas to improve in a specific job.  This experience is specifically set up only as an evaluation, but if the individual does well, they may be able to obtain paid employment with this employer.
  • Employability Skills Training-Intended to increase an individual’s skills in getting and retaining a job, as well as soft skill awareness.
  • Resume Preparation-Resumes, letters of application, references and thank you letters are made to suit the individual’s job goal.

Do-All Inc. Employment Services Caters to a Business’s Specific Needs by:

  • Meeting with employers to determine their hiring priorities 
  • Pre-screening our candidates 
  • Selecting the most qualified candidate for the position 
  • Providing assistance with training needs 
  • Assisting to secure Work Opportunity Tax Credits of up to $2,400 per individual hired 
  • Providing on-going follow up both on and off site, according to the employer’s request 

Do-All Inc. Employment Services Work with Michigan Rehabilitation  Services, Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health, and Private Insurance Companies to Provide Excellence in Customer Service and Satisfaction by:

  • Meeting the individual needs of the customer 
  • Providing consistent communication and documentation to the referral source 
  • Assisting the customer to get jobs in their areas of interest 

If you have a disability, and would like assistance to find employment, please contact your local Michigan Rehabilitation Services office.  In Bay City the phone number is (989) 894-6300.  If you are a customer of Bay Arenac Behavioral Health or a private insurance company, please feel free to contact your Supports Coordinator.

For more information please contact Tina Adam or Sue Goddard at 989.894-2851.