Do-All Inc. History

Do-All, Inc. evolved from a dream for a better life for people with disabilities. That dream has expanded to include creating a better quality of life community-wide. Using this dream as our vision, we set about to put it together one piece at a time.

The structure began when Do-All, Inc was formed in 1952 by the Bay County Association of Retarded Citizens (BCARC), with the goal of increasing of community inclusion by offering training and employment opportunities to people with disabilities. In 1973, the Do-All Activity Work Center was made possible through a grant – a building was purchased, employment opportunities were expanded and another piece of the puzzle fell into place.

Over the past several years, Do-All, Inc. has put together additional organizations which have allowed us to expand the type of opportunities we are able to offer the community and our customers.

We have been focused on building community partnerships since 2006. These connections have allowed Do-All, Inc. to expand services further and provide more community-based jobs, training, personal and financial supports to the consumers we serve. In addition, we offer a variety of community adjustment and supportive programs for people with disabilities.

Since 2005, Do-All, Inc. has opened several businesses and agencies to continue to expand on our vision.

Opened in 2006, The Material Assistance Center serves as a resource clearinghouse for the community and provides material goods and referrals to families and individuals experiencing crisis and/or financial hardship.

The Cat’s Meow Thrift Stores allow our trainees to gain first hand experience in a variety of career areas while providing valuable services to the entire Great Lakes Bay Region.

It is the agency’s mission for all people to have the ability to live, work, and play in their communities, and to achieve the best quality of life possible. With this belief in mind, Do-All assists individuals and families in achieving community involvement and self-sufficiency through leadership, empowerment, supports, and training. The agency is dedicated to providing supports for all persons, regardless of ability, to achieve self-sufficiency, to treat all persons with respect and dignity.

As we continue to provide community inclusion programs, it is the agency’s intent to expand services to meet community need by offering training and employment services to anyone with barriers to employment. Do-All, Inc. will truly do all to empower people to make positive choices, gain confidence, enhance employ-ability, and become fully integrated members of our community.